Morningside House Makes Bold Plans to Retain Excellent Staff

Success always depends on the quality of the people you have on your team. This is nowhere more true than in the business of senior living. At Morningside Elite Management – the team that brings Morningside House Senior Living communities to locations across Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and Florida – we understand that retaining skilled and compassionate staff is crucial for providing high-quality care and maintaining a positive environment for residents. 

Why Staff Retention Matters in Senior Living

High staff turnover can be particularly challenging in senior living communities. Frequent changes in caregivers and support staff can disrupt the consistency of care that residents depend on, impacting their overall well-being and satisfaction. Additionally, recruiting and training new employees is both time-consuming and costly. By focusing on retention, senior living communities can create a more stable, supportive environment for both residents and staff.

Morningside House’s Streak Bonus Program 

Always on the lookout for ways to improve our communities, our management team never stops considering how we can show appreciation for excellence among our staff. Recently, we hit on an effective strategy that many senior living communities are embracing: incentive programs. These programs not only boost staff morale but also encourage long-term commitment, ensuring stability and continuity of care for residents.

Recently, Morningside Elite Management unveiled their latest incentive program: Streak Bonus.

What is the Streak Bonus Program?

Simply put, our new Streak Bonus program is a way to reward our staff with ever increasing cash bonuses as they achieve longer and longer ‘streaks’ of perfect attendance. 

Our goal in providing senior care is to ensure our residents receive consistent service from familiar staff members with whom they build relationships of trust and reliability. We rely on each staff member to help us meet that standard. When staff members live up to that goal by being present on their shift, on time, every time, we believe they deserve a tangible reward. 

Every three months that staff members extend their perfect attendance streaks, they receive an additional $300 bonus in their paycheck. That means that with a 12 month streak of perfect attendance, they can receive a bonus of $1200. 

Like many who feel called to jobs serving others, many of our staff are already delivering perfect performance every shift, day in and day out. Thus far, their only reward has been the joy and satisfaction they feel knowing that they are providing needed care for residents whom they grow to love. While a cash bonus can’t really compete with that, we feel certain that it sure doesn’t hurt!

Morningside Elite Management’s Commitment to Quality Elder Care

By investing even more in our employees’ growth and well-being, we believe that we will continue to build a loyal, motivated workforce committed to providing the best possible care at Morningside House communities. Happy, engaged employees lead to happy, well-cared-for residents—a win-win for everyone involved.

You can meet excellent Morningside House staff members when you book a tour of your local Morningside House community. We look forward to showing you all that can be accomplished by a team of dedicated, motivated people with the common goal of giving seniors the respect, care, and attention they deserve.

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