4 Spring Activities for Seniors

The days are getting longer, the air is getting warmer, and the sun is shining brighter, which means… It’s almost Spring! Most people greet this time of year with excitement because it means more spring activities and time outdoors, away from home, after feeling a bit cooped up during a long, cold winter season.

Fun Ideas for Spring Activities for Seniors

This is particularly true for seniors, who can find winter an especially trying time. But Spring provides opportunities to experience new activities, which can lead to new perspectives, new friendships, and even a new lease on life.

As you and your loved ones embrace the new season, here are four fun activities to help you both put a new *spring* in your step.

Senior living friends excited about spring activities and taking a walk.1. Outdoor Strolls

Walking is an incredibly beneficial exercise for everyone, especially seniors. It keeps muscles strong and agile, blood pumping to help cardiovascular health, and boosts moods.

Yet wintertime dangers like ice can make walks feel treacherous, particularly for those who are worried about falls. Cold weather can be a barrier, too, even when walkways are maintained. Spring weather, however, eases these worries with warmer temperatures that clear up favorite walking paths around your loved one’s homes.

At Morningside, we maintain beautiful walkways that allow seniors to walk year round, but they are most popular in the spring as the weather begins to warm! Our walking club frequently sees a boost in membership right around now.

2. Picnics and Patios

There are few simple pleasures in life that compare to eating outside. Picnics, whether out in an open, grassy field or laid out across a table on a cozy patio, are not only fun but are a great way to bring people together in laughter and sunshine. Picnics are one of the few spring activities that simply have no good indoor winter substitutes.

At Morningside, our residents love a good picnic. Some choose to go for a more adventurous picnic in an “outdoorsy” area around our beautiful property, and some choose to keep their picnics close to home on our lovely patio areas. We even provide occasional picnic outings to favorite local spots, and always welcome family members to join in the picnicking fun. Regardless of where they choose to picnic, our residents are able to enjoy the spring sunshine!

3. Spring Activities & Events Moved Outdoors

While many events can easily take place indoors year round, there’s something about springtime that makes moving these events outdoors particularly magical, giving them new life and an exciting new quality.

At Morningside, we love to move our residents’ favorite activities outdoors when the air grows warm. From hosting outdoor exercise classes like yoga, seated tai chi, and a walking club on our beautiful grounds, to moving game clubs like Bingo, chess, and Mahjong to our comfortable outdoor seating areas—not to mention outdoor movie nights!—our communities provide plenty of opportunities for seniors to bask in the warm spring weather.

4. Trips and Outings

Nothing says spring like a little spring cleaning and then a lot of spring shopping! After feeling cooped up all winter long, fun excursions are the best way to bounce back into the social whirl, from shopping trips to adventures around local destinations. Often, towns host local festivals to welcome the spring, and many farmer’s markets begin in the late spring, which are a great place to grab sweet local produce and fresh flowers that brighten up even the happiest of spaces.

At Morningside, we’re proud to host many different scheduled outings each month, from visits to nearby Amish markets to local wineries, favorite shopping malls and local restaurants, so spring adventures can be had by all!

Enjoying these springtime fun activities may seem inaccessible to some seniors who are required to live in memory care and assisted living facilities. However, at Morningside, we work hard to provide high quality experiences in safe and dignified ways for all of our residents, so they can continue to enjoy the best things life has to offer, especially the fresh air and sunshine while surrounded by loved ones.

With spring just around the corner, it’s important to start thinking through how you can maximize your loved one’s time in the sun and warm weather.

At Morningside, we thoughtfully design activities, excursions, and outdoor living areas to enhance a senior’s quality of life no matter what the season. If you and your loved one are interested in touring a senior living community to experience these activities in real life, give us a call! Here at Morningside, we offer guided tours to showcase our vibrant community. Give us a call or visit us online to schedule a tour today. We would love to show you around!

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