How to Live a Longer, Happier Life in Retirement

The secret is out: seniors who choose to move to senior living communities after retirement live longer. (Many studies estimate that a resident’s lifespan is stretched by 7-10 years!) Although there are many contributing factors to this statistic, we believe the main reason is that seniors find renewed purpose, belonging, and dignity in senior living communities that are hard to find elsewhere.

What Can the Future Hold in Your Retirement?

With these new findings, many experts are now adjusting their recommendations that seniors find ways to live at home as long as possible, and instead are encouraging seniors to take senior living communities into consideration as they mull their post-retirement options.

Not only do seniors live longer in senior living communities, but they live stronger, as well:


  • Higher levels of satisfaction

    Seniors who move to senior living communities generally report a higher level of satisfaction with their lives than seniors who remain at home. Generally speaking, this is because of the exceptional community seniors are able to find in senior communities. Many residents report a stronger sense of community among peers with similar interests.


  • Better health and well-being

    Residents in senior living communities have easier access to instant health care. Their health is more closely monitored in a community than it would be if they were living on their own, and living in a community ensures they’ll never miss meds or other essential nutrition. Additionally, senior living communities have excellent on-site fitness facilities so seniors can keep up their physical fitness, which enhances their day-to-day well-being.


  • Joy and quality of life in retirement

    Senior living communities provide their residents with a variety of life-giving, joy-bringing activities and events so, seniors are never left bored and listless. These activities have the added benefit of keeping seniors mentally and physically challenged and agile, which improves their overall quality of life.


  • Doing activities they enjoy and spending time with family and friends

    Every physical need is met with love and dignity in quality senior living communities—from excellent, nutritious meals to impeccable cleaning and laundry services. Seniors are freed from the everyday little stressors like grocery shopping, scrubbing the floor, and maintaining their yard so they can focus on what’s most important in their golden years: quality time enjoying the people and activities they love.


  • Safe and dependable transportation

    Senior living communities empower seniors to take back control of many aspects of their lives that they start to lose when they live alone. With transportation available, seniors no longer have to make decisions about whether or not they can visit places based on if the drive will take them into uncomfortable driving situations like the interstate. With a plethora of available activities and events regularly going on, seniors can easily choose if they want a quiet night in or if they want to go out for a fun evening.


  • Accessibility and safety for different stages of mobility

    Hazards and risk-filled environments are eliminated in senior living communities. Floors are kept free from slip-causing materials, steps are essentially eliminated from thoroughfares, and bathrooms are designed to be easily accessible for many different mobility levels. Senior living communities work hard to be proactive in every area of care to prevent any unnecessary risks.


  • Stress-free budget management

    Seniors are freed from any anxiety and worry over budget. Senior living communities typically set a fixed rate, so seniors know exactly how much living will cost month to month, as opposed to constant house problems, grocery and gas inflation, and other stressful factors that can wreak havoc on a senior’s budget.

When is the Best Time in Retirement to Transition to Senior Living?

It’s important to note that these benefits are most noticeable when seniors choose to move when they are younger. This allows them to move in when they are still very active and healthy, which sets them up well to engage in everything the living community has to offer along with the energy needed to build lasting friendships with other residents.

Additionally, it gives them plenty of time to get to know the community, so they are not only able to age in place but feel at home and comfortable as mobility becomes more difficult. They know exactly what their community has to offer, so they know how to make the best use of their time and movement if it becomes restricted.

Choosing to move when seniors are younger and not facing a crisis also allows a relatively stress-free transition that allows the senior to feel like an active agent in the choice, which will make the move much more successful in the long run. Seniors who are required to move to a living community due to negative changes in their independent living situation face many stressful decisions and often struggle more to transition well.

Most importantly, many senior residents wish they would have moved into their senior living community earlier!

If you or a loved one is ready to take post-retirement life to the next level and do whatever it takes to live not only longer and stronger but with greater joy and less stress, consider looking into a senior living community today. Here at Morningside, we offer guided tours so you can see exactly what you’re considering. But be careful! Once you check it out, you may decide you want to move in that day! Give us a call or visit us online to schedule a tour today. We can’t wait to meet you!

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