Top Activities for Memory Care Residents

At Morningside House, we understand  that engaging memory care residents in activities is important for their cognitive and emotional well-being. That’s why we work so hard to generate a full schedule of events and activities to keep our residents–especially those in memory care–engaged.  

Morningside House’s Top 10 Memory Care Activities

Here are some top activities we promote at our Morningside House communities across Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, tailored for individuals with memory challenges:

Reminiscence Therapy: We encourage residents to share their life stories, memories, and experiences. This is done in our Morningside House communities through conversations, photo albums, or memory boxes.

Music Therapy: Music has a powerful impact on memory. We play familiar songs from our residents’ past and organize music events where they can listen to local artists and sing along

Art and Craft Activities: Engaging residents in creative pursuits like painting, drawing, or crafting provides an outlet for self-expression. We adapt our arts and crafts to different skill levels so all residents can be included and succeed.

Sensory Stimulation: We create sensory-rich environments using scents, textures, and sounds. At our various communities, this can include aromatherapy, tactile activities, and listening to calming sounds.

Gardening: Where possible, we involve residents in simple gardening activities. Planting flowers, herbs, or vegetables can provide a sense of accomplishment and connection to nature.

Pet Therapy: Interaction with therapy animals can have a positive impact on residents’ mood and well-being. Dogs, cats, or even smaller animals can bring joy and companionship. That’s why every Morningside House assisted living community welcomes residents’ pets, and some have community pets for all to love and share.

Interactive Games: We choose and provide games that are easy to understand and participate in. Games like bingo, puzzles, or trivia can stimulate cognitive function and provide social interaction.

Exercise Programs: Our extensive exercise and fitness opportunities are tailored to residents’ abilities. Classes and clubs centered around gentle exercises like chair yoga or walking can improve physical health and boost mood.

Cooking and Baking: We love to involve residents in cooking or baking activities. This not only provides a sensory experience but also offers a chance to reminisce about favorite recipes.

Themed Events: Whenever possible, our Morningside House communities organize events or activities around specific themes that may be nostalgic for residents, such as a decade-themed party or a holiday celebration.

Stay Active at Morningside House

When our community directors plan activities, they consider each resident’s abilities and preferences. We believe in maintaining a consistent and structured routine to contribute to a sense of security for individuals with memory challenges.

At Morningside House, seniors from Fredericksburg, VA to Waldorf, MD and across the Mid Atlantic region can receive the personal care they need in a comfortable, homelike environment while gaining a vibrant social life full of activities and fun. 

Book a tour today to discover the engaging, active lifestyle available for your loved ones at Morningside House.

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