Resort Style Amenities for Senior Living at Morningside House

Increasingly, seniors are living longer, fuller, healthier lives—which is fantastic! However, many seniors have also found that, although they are living longer, remaining in their homes prevents them from living the fuller, healthier lives that their friends who have moved to senior living communities are experiencing. A resort style life!

A Better Way to Live Your Best Life into Your Golden Years

Seniors who choose to live at home experience many stressors: home maintenance, the challenges of grocery shopping and other errands that require transportation, the dangers of in-home obstacles that can cause falls or other injuries, and even isolation as they find it more difficult to connect with friends, loved ones, or faith communities.

However, seniors who choose to move to a senior living community typically find just the opposite: a stress-free, life-giving environment that equips them to thrive as they age in place, surrounded not only by friends but by resort-style amenities that bring the joy back to living life to the fullest.

For example, seniors living at MorningsideHouse experience:

1. Beautiful, peaceful facilities that are comfortable and inviting.

  • Residents can choose between a studio, one, or two-bedroom apartments so that they can have the space they need to enjoy life, with plenty of room for loved ones to visit (and sleepover!).
  • Morningside boasts extensive libraries so residents never run out of new reads, whether it’s the latest mystery or a classic to sharpen their minds.
  • The rehabilitation gyms at Morningside are designed with senior safety and long-term mobility in mind.
  • Residents can enjoy quality time playing games or chatting with new friends and visiting family in Morningside’s spacious community rooms.
  • Morningside’s outdoor patios and beautiful walking paths ensure nature-loving residents never lack for opportunities to lift their spirits in the fresh air and sunshine.
  • Finally, our facilities all use advanced air filtration systems to ensure our residents only breathe the best air as germs and other allergens are minimized to maximize residents’ health.

2. An elevated dining experience with delicious food, unmatched service, and a resort style, upscale ambiance.

  • At Morningside, residents are served three meals a day in a restaurant-style setting.
  • For the perpetually hungry, we provide frequent snacks and treats linked to activities.
  • Our culinary team works hard to create exciting menus and diverse options using fresh, quality ingredients.
  • We’re proud of our friendly hospitality staff who provide top-tier service.
  • Residents can choose to dine in our main dining room with friends, or can reserve private dining rooms to host family.

3. A full, unique social calendar packed with events both at the community and out in town.

  • At Morningside, we ensure that we provide regular, live entertainment; facilitated, engaging games; movie nights and happy hours; workout classes for physical growth; and meaningful worship services so residents can enjoy the many activities essential to a joyful life without ever having to leave MorningsideHouse if they don’t want to.
  • On the other hand, we also offer frequent off-site adventures, like trips to local attractions or shopping excursions so residents who love to journey never feel too closed in.
  • Finally, we work hard to create enjoyable, fun-filled holiday and birthday celebrations so that our residents feel valued and have many opportunities to connect socially with neighbors, family, and the community.

4. Excellent onsite assistance and personalized care plans.

  • No quality community is complete without a beauty and barber shop so residents can always look and feel their best!
  • Additionally, no one wants to stay at a resort without housekeeping and laundry services, which is why we offer both.
  • Our maintenance personnel are always available just in case residents ever need assistance in their apartments.
  • Our residents always have peace of mind that they’ll get the assistance they need to live independently with confidence with our 24/7 nursing and clinical staff and emergency call response.
  • Personalized care plans also ensure that all the activities of daily living such as personal hygiene and bathing are manageable alone or help is provided.

5. A truly pet friendly community!

We understand the happiness and companionship that a beloved pet can bring. The bond between an owner and pet is strong and unbreakable.
Pets are welcome to live with residents in assisted living communities.
Pets are welcome to visit residents in our memory care communities.

When the many, many resort-style amenities are listed out one after another, it’s easy to see why so many people are increasingly turning to senior living communities, which are thoughtfully designed to enhance a senior’s quality of life while dramatically decreasing all of the regular stressors of everyday life living at home. If you and your loved one are interested in touring a senior living community to see these amenities in real life, give us a call! Here at Morningside, we offer guided tours to showcase our vibrant community. Give us a call or visit us online to schedule a tour today. We would love to show you around!

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