Short Term Senior Care

Reliable care to get you back to where you need to be.

Morningside’s philosophy of holistic wellness applies to all stages of your loved one’s life, including short term care at all nine of our senior living communities to meet your family’s needs.

When a Little Extra Help is Needed

Rehabilitation Stays

Our in-house medical team provides top-tier medical care for your loved one, so whether it’s a surgery or illness that has caused a need for extra attention, your loved one will receive the best care until they’re ready to return home.

Respite Stays

Whether it’s a family vacation, a business trip, or simply the need for some self-care time, we provide exceptional respite care for your loved one so you can be in the moment without worry or added stress.

"Try It Out" Stays

It’s not uncommon for those considering a move to a senior living community to want to try out the facility for longer than a tour allows. A short-term stay will provide your loved one with exactly what they need to know.

A Safe Haven to Land

The need to be away from home can feel unsettling and disruptive, especially to seniors who rely on the safety of routine and a feeling of control over their daily schedule.

Morningside’s approach to personal, holistic care through our incredible, caring staff will ensure your loved one feels valued, cared for, and—most importantly—safe and secure as they weather out any transition in their life that would prompt a short term stay.

Your loved one will enjoy life surrounded by professionals who specialize in supporting the unique physical and emotional needs of their situation, so you can focus on doing what you need to do until you can settle your loved one back in their regular, day-to-day routine.

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What is the difference between short term care and rehabilitation?

Typically, rehabilitation occurs after a surgery or serious medical event at the hospital where the individual received care. Often, the individual no longer needs the focused care of a hospital staff but is not ready to return to living alone.

That’s where short term care comes in: medical care and help with daily tasks structured in a way that slowly returns independence to the senior so he or she can return to living independently at home.

Does my loved one have to have a medical reason for a short term stay?

No! Many people choose a short term stay for their aging loved ones if they are planning to go on a work trip or vacation and want to ensure that their loved one is safe and cared for in their absence. Many others choose a short term stay for respite. We also have some people who choose short term stays to test out what a full move might feel like.

What does a respite stay mean?

Caregiver burnout is a very common problem. It can be tiring to care for someone, especially a loved one, day in and day out. Choosing a short term stay for your loved one allows you to care for yourself, reset your well-being, and provide better care for your loved one in the long run when you are rested and at your best.

Do short term stay residents have the same access to the community as full residents?

Yes! We welcome everyone to our senior living communities and will help your loved one find activities, people, and routines that allow them to thrive. They may just decide they don’t want to leave after their short stay!

Why would I choose a short term stay over in-home respite care?

It really depends on what you and your loved one needs. In-home respite care provides a single caretaker or a rotating shift of caretakers, which can be enough. We find that most people who choose a short term stay over in-home respite care do so because they know that their loved one will thrive in a community of people in a similar walk of life, with lots of fun activities and resources at their fingertips in addition to physical care from a single caretaker.

“Before coming here, my mom just sat home and watched TV all day. Now, she goes out on trips, catches the shows, and enjoys the activities. My mom has really come out of her shell and made many new friends since moving in.”


Locations for Short Term Stays

All of Morningside House’s communities offer short term stays, regardless of whether the need is medical in nature (transitioning out of rehab) or personal (a regular caregiver going on vacation or simply needing a short break). Our goal is to give your loved one the care they need, when they need it, as long as they need it.

To learn more about short term stays, contact the executive director at your local Morningside House location.

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